The next generation of the original Pro model now comes with more features, added versatility, and a sturdier frame. Combine with your favorite tripod ball head and you're exquisitely prepared for outstanding images!


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Whats in the Box?

Platypod Ultra - Made for smaller equipment like mirrorless and compact cameras

4 heavy-duty spike feet and wallet - Use the spike feet for grip in unusual places

20-inch cinch strap - Strap the Ultra to poles, beams, trees, and other freestanding objects 

Carabiner - Clip the Ultra on your belt for easy transportation

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We believe the best tools can come in the smallest packages.

There is no other product on the market that offers the strength, durability, adaptability and ease of use in such a compact frame. You will never have to leave a piece of equipment behind to make room for your Platypod.

The Platypod Ultra is our latest design to make shooting great images or video easier for you. We listened to the suggestions of Platypod users to make the original design even sturdier and added more features that make the Ultra the most versatile tool in your gear bag. At roughly the size of a smartphone, our patented technology can hold up to 100 pounds.

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Complete Your Ultra with the NEW Multi-Accessory Kit

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Ultra + Multi Bundle
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  • Spigot Adapter - Easily setup off-camera flashes and monolights
  • Silicone pad - prevents slipping or scratching
  • Anodized-aluminum riser- Mount cameras and devices directly to Platypods without a ball head
  • Tension strap - to strap Max to poles and trees
  • Drawstring pouch - Keeps all your accessories right by your side.

Do More With Your Multi-Accessory Kit


Ultra in Action