Nominee Best Tripod October 2015 - Lucie Technical Awards




Object of Desire May 2015 - PDN - Photo District News

“If you’ve ever taken something apart to make it better, or enjoyed building something from Lego bricks, you’re going to love the Platypod Pro.” – Jon Sienkiewicz, Shutterbug Magazine


"The Platypod has found a permanent home in my photography bag." - Shiv Verma


 "Just think of it as a foot for your camera." - Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photo


“I love it for doing interior photography with a wide-angle lens down low, or travel photography for getting a really low perspective in a cathedral or palace, but I’m also using it for remote cameras at sporting events.” - Scott Kelby, 10th Annual Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide


“Functionally, its the simplicity and durability that makes this a winner. This sturdy plate is perfect for low angle shots from the ground or shooting from any surface”   - Richard Harrington, How to Beat the Tripod Police Without Sacrificing Stability

“A job found me creating a timelapse of the installation of the flooring in a new home… the solution was a bit unorthodox, yet simple thanks to a new product: the Platypod Pro.” - Kevin Ames, Photofocus

“The device is really quite ingenious.” - Scott Bourne, Photofocus

“This very simple and small yet effective plate can serve you well in a pinch when you need a “tripod.” Moose Peterson


“Great Tripod for those times when you can't use a Tripod” – Terry White, Terry White’s Tech Blog



“I’m really excited about this” – RC Concepcion, Kelby TV