Max - $99.00

For heavy DSLRs and BIG lenses

  • Best for cameras with heavy or long lenses, full-sized video cameras and bulky accessories
  • Supports up to 300 pounds of equipment
  • Great for travel—Max is about the size of a mini tablet
  • Includes the Max base, 4 spike feet and a removable spike-feet storage box. Does not come with a tripod ball head.

Pro - $49.95

For mirrorless and midsize cameras

  • Ideal for cameras with small- to medium-sized lenses
  • Supports up to 90 pounds of gear
  • Compatible with most professional tripod ball heads
  • Great for travel—the Pro is about the size of a smartphone
  • Includes: Platypod Pro base, spike-feet set, and travel case. Does not include a tripod ball head

Pro or Max Replacement Spike-Feet Set

Replacement screws for leveling on objects or grip on slippery surfaces. Capped with rubber tips to prevent scratching.


What is a Platypod?

Platypod Pro LLC makes the world's most compact mini tripod bases for photographersInspired by the duck-billed platypus, an animal with flat and broad feet, we designed our camera supports to be ideal for low-angle shots and situations where traditional tripods are cumbersome or impractical.

Their flat design makes them strong. Platypods can support even the biggest DSLR cameras and the heaviest lenses. Platypods can also become a portable studio, with accessory holes that are compatible with strobes.


“Quite Possibly The Coolest Camera Support Around”

Shutterbug Magazine